Burung Jalak Bali

Bali Mynah or Jalak Bali (Leucopsar rothschildi) is one of indonesia’s beauitful and endemic endangered species which is protected by a number of sets of both national and international rules n regulations.

In order to avoid the extinction of this species, the conservation efforts need to be taken both in-situ improvement n guarding of its natural habits an ex-situ through breeding programs that aimed at its populations recovery. (Pict of the bird bottom page.)

Knowledge on Bali Maynah’s behavior both in its natural habits and the breeding cages is an aspect amongst others, that promotes the bird breeding program. The bird’s behavior observed during the research were its habits of eating, flaying, resting, reproduction and any other habits that change due to changes of its habits condition. Obtain data on its habits which would be beneficial in determining strategies and accurate treatments in contion the bird breeding program.

clasification of Bali Maynah :

Kingdom     : Animalia

Phyllum      : Chordata

Classis          : Aves

Ordo             : Passeriformes

Familia        : Sturnidae

Genus          : Leucopsar

Species       : Leucopsar rothschildi Stresemann

Local name : Jalak Bali, Curik Bali.

by. Alain compost

by. Alain compost.


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